Applications for 2017 LegendFest programme and LegendArt competition are now CLOSED!

The festival of legends, myths and stories



…to provide an innovative festival which connects culture, locals and tourists.


The aim of this mystical festival is to introduce domestic and foreign visitors with a wealth of Croatian tangible and intangible heritage.


Over the past two years there were more than 15,000 visitors at the LegendFest. In addition, the creation of the accompanying festival materials and events, in particular the LegendExpo and LegendArt, also speak of the enormous success of the festival.

Upcoming Events

Festivals, exhibitions, projects...

LegendFest NP Krka 2017

NP Krka, Naselje BB Lozovac, 22221 Hrvatska (Croatia)

The theme of the festival: FAIRIES AND FAIRY CREATURES  ♥

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Putokazi at LegendFest NP Krka

NP Krka, Naselje BB Lozovac, 22221 Hrvatska (Croatia)

Chapel performances and live concert of Putokazi at LegendFest at Roški waterfall, 8th of July 2017 ♥ Now you have proof that you are dealing with fairies for real, although you might have already guessed this from a live concert performance of  Putokazi – a female vocal group from Rijeka. This is not just a mere compliment.

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Nina Kraljić at LegendFests NP Krka and Pićan

NP Krka, Naselje BB Lozovac, 22221 Hrvatska (Croatia)

Nina Kraljić concerts at LegendFest at Roški waterfall – NP Krka, 9th of July 2017 and at LegendFest in Pićan – Istria, 29th of July 2017 ♥

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LegendFest Pićan 2017

Pićan, Pićan, 52332 Hrvatska (Croatia)

The theme of the festival: NIGHTMARES AND DREAMS ♥

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  • Drago Plečko on LegendFest

    Drago Plečko


    Pićan – the magic heart of Istria... Read what our most recognized representative of alternative studies says about Istria, Pićan and the LegendFest festival. We are very pleased to have a man of such knowledge and experience as our guest at LegendFest. READ MORE...    

  • Jelena Radan

    Jelena Radan


    LegendFest is a versatile platform where one can meet many creative people through music, dance, writing, fairy tales, stories, lectures, nature, imagination, pictures... The festival is here to leave the lasting impression on the kids and adults alike. I must admit that my favourite one is held in Pićan. It is always unpredictable and one should be ready to improvise along the way. It's nice to have been the part of this beautiful event on several occasions and I wish the creative team of the LegendFest all the best in the future.  

  • Sanja Minarik

    Sanja Minarik

    Vistor of LegendFest and the teacher

    How to describe LegendFest in one word? Magical! The festival atmosphere was airy, fairy, exciting. A well designed and organized event which offered an array of wonderful workshops and interactions. I'm so glad and very proud that my students participated in LegendArt through which they were able to exhibit their literary and artistic works. Their art portrayed a message that life can be a fairy tale!

  • Lovro Đerek

    Lovro Đerek

    Pupil, 9 yrs old

    My LegendFest experience was excellent. I rode horses and saw frogs. I saw my friends and a teacher there. We ate all sorts of nice things. LegendFest was fabulous and fairy-tale like. I saw fairies and other magical creatures. I can not wait to visit LegendFest again.