How did the most of these intriguing works come to life?

Each year LegendFest presents a different programme theme based on Croatian customs, heritage, folk tales, legends and myths which Croatian eminent artists, draftsmen and illustrators bring to life thorough their artistic work. And so it goes… the giant, the witch, a Krsnik, the dragon, the fairy, the vampire and many other ‘shadowy’ beings become a part of the visual identity of the festival.

Here, we present the works of the internationally recognized and award-winning Croatian artists who, through their art, create unique visual identity of LegendFest promoted in our exhibitions, on our website and in all other promotional materials.



The primary illustration for promotional materials of the 12th Pićan LegendFest 2017 (Nightmare) was made by Dino Idrizbegović.

Dino Idrizbegovic is graduate painter who works mainly as illustrator. He lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia.

He worked for quite a number of clients:
in Croatia: “Nedjeljna Dalmacija” (newspapers), „Jutarnji list“ (newspapers), “Tjednik” (weekly magazine), “Imperial” (newspapers), “Banka” (economy monthly), Kviskoteka (enigmatic weekly), “Sirius”, “Futura” and “Hacker” (sci-fi, computer magazines) “Zagraf” (book publisher) just to mention the few.
Abroad: Sizzle (comic-strip magazne, USA), Airbrush action (magazine, Italy), Airbrush Art and Action (magazine, Germany), Art Scene International (magazine, Canada). Julia White Publishing (Germany).

As illustrator he worked for DEBORAH WOLFE LTD

Also he had a few exhibitions at the places like “Gavela theater”, “Stjepan Radic gallery”, “Mladost d.d.”, gallery “Permanenta” and gallery “Modulor” in Zagreb, Croatia.

In 1999 on the “First Italian Airbrush Convention” in Milan he won the first place in the category of illustration.
In 2002 he was “Featured artist of the month” on
At the Open University in Zagreb he founded and lectured the Course of Photorealistic Drawing.



The primary illustration for promotional materials of the 2nd NP Krka LegendFest 2017 (Fairy), the 1st NP Krka LegendFest 2016 (Fairy), the 2nd Lukavec LegendFest 2015 (Witch) and the 9th Pićan LegendFest 2014 (Giant) was made by illustrator Ivan Gregov. 

Ivan Gregov was born in 1973 in Split. He graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts and Academy of Applied Arts in Zagreb. He spent one semester at the Academy of Applied Arts in Pragueat the Department of Film and Animation. He started publishing illustrations in the early nineties. He published at the Zagreb publishers: Znanje, Mozaik knjiga, Profil, Školska knjiga, Alfa, Meandar, including magazines Meridijani, Modra lasta, Smib and Zvrk. From 2006 he was an active associate of ULUPUH and that’s when he received the annual award for special contribution to the reputation of the association. He became a member of ULUPUH in 2008. From 2007 he occasionally worked on educating students about illustrating.

He is active in the field of civil society, environmental protection, sustainability etc. He participated in many civic initiatives, within which he organized several public happenings, lectures, campaigns. He participated in the work of Green action in Zagreb. From 2004 he took part in the work of the international network called World Carefree Network and also in the organization of the Europe bike trip project Ecotopia Biketour. From 2005 he worked on educating about permaculture. Along with illustrating he published texts: itineraries, early history, articles related to civic activism, short stories, texts for his own picture books (magazines Meridijani, 04, Car Busters, Zamirzine).



The primary illustration for promotional materials of the 11th Pićan LegendFest 2016 (Vampire Jure Grando) and the 4th Pićan LegendFest 2009 (Fairy) was made by Esad Ribić.

Esad Ribić was born in 1972 in Zagreb. He is a renowned illustrator and a comic book artist best known for his comics “Four Horsemen” and “Loki and the Silver Surfer”. He also produced covers for the series about Miles Vorkosigan by author Lois McMaster Bujold (SFeraKon guest in 2002) as well as various covers for the fantasy novels by George R. R Martin (SFeraKon guest in 2003) published by the publishing house “Algorithm”.

Esad graduated from the School of Applied Arts and design in Zagreb as a graphic designer. He started making comics in the early 90s, doing shorts strips and illustrations for the Croatian “Plavi zabavnik” magazine and German Gespenster Geschichten (Bastei Verlag). He made his first big published comic book ”Code Name Scorpio” in collaboration with the screenwriter Miki Horvatić and it was published in Atarctic Press in 1997. Esad also worked for Zagreb Film as a film animator on such series as “The Little Flying Bears” and “Hlapić the Little Shoemaker”. He then moved on to Marvel comics, most notably working on “Thor: God of Thunder” and the 2015 “Secret Wars”.

He says his favourite work is drawing/painting of the physiognomy of the human body and the action scenes, and loves the technique of chiaroscuro. He is not interested in computer graphics programs but instead, in the ordinary brush, watercolour and pencil, i.e., classical painting techniques. In his free time he loves reading comic books, going to the gym and playing drums. In the last few years he is pilgrimaging as a comic spotlight guest at various world comic festivals.



The primary illustration for promotional materials of the 3rd Lukavec LegendFest 2016 on the theme of Dragons was made by illustrator Manuel Šumberac.

Manuel Šumberac was born on the 5th of August 1988 in Pula (Croatia), where he graduated in 2007 at the School of Applied Arts and Design, Department of Graphic Design. He graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Department of Animation and New Media in 2010 and completed his masters in 2013. During his study he received numerous awards for the best student of the year. So far he has realized four author’s animated films: ESCARGOT (2010), VESLA / THE OARS (together with Zdenko Bašić, 2011), U SJENI /IN THE SHADOW (2011) and MEHANIČKO SRCE /MECHANICAL HEART (2013) as well as three animated music videos for the Croatian musician Gibonni: ŽEĐAM/THIRST, TOLERANCA and VESLA/THE OARS.

Manuel won the second prize for the movie ESCARGOT at the 42nd Croatian film and video creations, and the first prize at the festival Balkans Beyond Borders. For the animated music video THIRST he won the music award Porin for the best music video of 2010. In 2012 he received the Porin Award for the best album cover design ‘World of Glamour’ for the ‘Cold beer’ band. He also received the Golden Bra Award for the best animation at Magdalena International Festival of Creative Communication for animated music video ‘Your Irresistible Smile’. In 2014 he was awarded Goldfish of Neum for the best 3D animated film at the International Animated Film Festival in Neum.

In addition to the animation he also loves illustration. He illustrated a series of picture books such as PINOCCHIO, SNOW WHITE and the SNOW QUEEN for the publishing house Carlton Book Ltd, NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS for the publishing house Hodder Children’s Books, MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM for the publishing house Harper Collins, a collection of stories and poems of E. A. Poe, STEAMPUNK POE and FRANKENSTEIN for the publishing house Running Press, STEAMPUNK CITY  for the publishing house POW !, BABA JAGA I DIV ZABORAV for the publishing house Profil, and numerous book covers for domestic and foreign publishers.



The primary illustration for promotional materials of the 2013 LegendFest was made by Zdenko Bašić.  

Zdenko Bašić was born on January 27, 1980 in Zagreb where he graduated at the Academy of Applied Arts and Design, Department of Graphic Design. He got a degree at the Department of Animation and New media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2005 with a 10-minute puppet film Snow story – Snow angels and was awarded with an award for the best graduates.

For the picture book entitled ”Chocolate story” he won an award for the best graphic design of 2006 called ”Kiklop”. From 2006 he collaborated with The Brigh Agency in London as well as other British publishers.He published a range of headlines and worked on a couple of other books. He exhibited at the First Imam Ali International Painting Symposium in Teheran 2007 and he also took part in The 13th International Symposium of Painting in Patince in Slovakia and the group exhibition in LIMES Gallery, Komarno. In 2008 he was awarded with the ”Grigor Vitez” award for best illustration in children’s books ”Croatian Tales of Long Ago” and ”Novela od Stanca”.

In 2009 he was awarded with ”Oktavijan” award for a 13-minute long cartoon ”Gulliver” by the Society of Film Critics: for the best cartoon at the Croatian Film Days, moreover, at the same festival he won ”Grand Prix” for the best movie of 2009 and the ”Libertas” award at the international film festival in Dubrovnik for the best short film.

In 2009 he finished making a 5-minute musical cartoon ”Žeđam” based on the motives from ”Gulliver” for the music of Zlatan Stipišić Gibonni for which he was awarded the Porin award for the best music video. He was awarded for the Best young artist in 2009, thus contributing to the reputation of ULUPUH.

In 2011 he published his first book called ”Sjeverozapadni vjetar” (Northwest wind) which was rated as the best children’s book of 2011 in Croatia by most critics and newspapers; he received a special recognition for the ”Grigor Vitez” award due to special harmony of design, illustration, text and high aesthetic value and he was also awarded with the ”Kiklop” award for the book of the year for children and youth.

He obtained the second Porin award in 2012 for a visual design of an album ”Svijet Glamura” (World of Glamour).

As an illustrator of the ”Alice in Wonderland” he was added to the revered list of IBBY in 2012, the most recognized international non-profit association for the promotion of children’s books, in London.



The primary illustration for promotional materials of the 2012 LegendFest was made by Filip Burburan.

Filip Burburan was born in Rijeka in 1983. He graduated in industrial deisgn at the Academy of Applied Arts and Design in Rijeka. He’s currently a graduate at the Department of Visual Communication at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana.

He actively engages intoillustrating and collaborating with foreign publishers such as Wizards of the Coast, Fantasy Flight Games, Gameloft, Applibot, Inc. The main feature of his style is the imaginary world filled with various characters oftenly depicted as grotesque and yet realistic. The basis of this whole approach towards illustrating is realistic painting.

He also used to paint wall murals and participated in many international projects and festivals in Croatia and abroad.



The primary illustration for promotional materials of the 2011 LegendFest was made by Tomislav Tomić.

Tomislav Tomić was born in 1977 in Zagreb. He graduated at the Graphics Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2001 in the class of prof. Frane Paro.

He’s been an active illustrator for more than 10 years and he published for many publishers home and abroad. Besides illustrating, he’s into graphics and painting. He has exhibited at several solo and group exhibitons He is a member of ULUPUH. He lives and works in Zaprešić.



The primary illustration for promotional materials of the 2010 LegendFest was made by an illustrator and graphic designer Igor Kordej.

Igor Kordej was born in 1957 in Zagreb and is one of the most productive and successful comic book authors and illustrators in the region. His comics were published throughout the Europe, USA, Canada and Latin America and can be found in numerous public and private collections, from National Library of Congress in Washington to Lucasfilm studio. His illustration ”Pennsylvania plane” is dedicated to the victims of September 11th attacks. It was published by CNN and shook people worldwide.

Among many publishers he worked with over the years, we must mention: Heavy Metal magazin, Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse in USA, Dargaud, Humanoides, Associes, Toutain, Silvester Strips and Algoritam in Europe. In the last couple of years he’s been working as an editor at the French Delcourt publishing house for whom he’s simultaneously making four comic series – ”Tajna povijesti”(Secret of History), ”Srce bitaka”(Heart of Battles), ”Taras Bulba” and ”Empire” (the first three mentioned are to be published in Croatia as well).

He briefly lived in Denmark and for years in Canada. Recently he’s been working and living in Zagreb. Almost all recent projects he’s been working on are based on history and war, chosen because of his extreme anti-war beliefs, but he periodically makes trips to fantasy and dystopia genres such as ”Smoke” (for IDW, USA) or the new project ”Keltos” for the Delcourt and ”L’idole et le fleau” for the 12 BIS.

In addition to comics and illustrating, whenever he can, he’s doing graphic design. Some fresh examples are new CD covers for the Libar choir, Psihomodo Pop rock group and the Bulbuli choir. Some of the newest awards and nominations are:

  • Jury’s award for the best X-men series draftsman(Gijon, Spain 2005)
  • Nomination for Eisner and Kurtzman awards for the short series ”Smoke” (simultaneously in USA and Canada)
  • Audience award for the best draftsman (Reims, France 2007)
  • Award for the contribution to comics at the Comic book Days in Virovitica 2009
  • Nomination for the Eisner award- short series ”Unknown Soldier” for which he used to make headlines (San Diego, USA 2009)
  • The Glyph award for the best headline – ”Unknown soldier” No. 1 (Philadelphia, USA 2009)
  • Eagle award nomination – best foreign comic book;”Tajna povijesti”(Secret of History) series (Bristol, England, 2010)



The primary illustration for promotional materials of the 2008 LegendFest was made by an illustrator and graphic designer Nenad Pantić.

Nenad Pantić was born in Zagreb in 1972. He graduated in painting at the Academy of Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb and he got a degree at the Department of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade.

He is a graphic designer currently working on children illustrations.



The primary illustration for promotional materials of the 2007 LegendFest was made by illustrator Milivoj Ćeran.

Since 2004 he’s been teaching at the Academy of Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb, department of painting. He’s a professional illustrator and he collaborates with many Croatian and foreign publishers, and his specialties are fantasy, Medieval and mythology. His most famous projects are: a pop-up book about dragons ”Dragon world” Electric Paper (England) 2008, book about knights ”How to be a knight” 2006, book about explorers ”How to be an explorer” 2007, book about Vikings ”How to be a viking” – all three are published by Templar Publishing London (England), picture book ”Vile hrvatskih pisaca” (Fairies of the Croatian writers) by Diana Zalar, Golden marketing 2003, headlines and illustrations for the first Croatian fantasy magazine ”Grifon” (Red srebrenog zmaja). Among other publisher’s we’re going to mention Scholastic and Badger from England, Penguin books (Australia), Algoritam, HNK (picture book ”Orašar”), Natonial Geographic junior, Naša djeca (Radost 2004-07).

Lately he’s been making game illustrations such as cards for World of Warcraft trading card games (Upperdeck Entertainment, USA), Game of Thrones cards (Fantasy Flight Games, USA) and cards for Alderac Entertainment Group.

He also worked on a cartoon – ”Složeni predosjećaj’’ (A Complex Hunch) by Dušan Gačić, Zagreb film 2003, ”Divlje oko grada” (The Wild Eye of the Town) by Dušan Gačić 2004 and ”Kristofor Colon” by Dušan Gačić 2008. He was awarded a ”SFERA” award for a picture book illustrating ”Vile hrvatskih pisaca” in 2003. He collaborated with Esad Ribić on making the comic ”Namor” for Marvel (2008-09) and now he’s collaborating on making the ”Hulk” comic, also for Marvel.

He’s the vice-president of the medieval knights’ association – Order of the Silver Dragon and since 2004 manager of the workshop for making chain mail (medieval armour shirts made out of wires). He’s a member of ULUPUH since 2004.



The primary illustration for promotional materials of the 1st Lukavec LegendFest 2014 was made by Hana Tintor.

Hana Tintor was born in Zagreb in 1992. She’s a third year student of the School of design at the Faculty of Architecture, department of Visual communication. She graduated from the Zagreb Art gymnasium and she was a puppeteer for 12 years, which partially made her opt for visual communication. Not only did she choose the illustrating as an optional subject in college, but she also spends most of her free time doodling. She is eager to learn about illustrating and she’d love to do it for a long, long time.