3rd LegendFest in Lukavec has ended

Another ever so popular LegendFest in Lukavec ended on Sunday, the 29th of May. With the ignition of the straw dragon sculpture, sounds of traditional bagpipes and performance of ethno band Kries, we said goodbye to the legends, myths and stories of the Zagreb County that were revived in full splendour during the two day festival.

This year’s LegendFest was organized by the Association Val kulture (Wave of culture) from Zagreb and the Museum of Turopolje from Velika Gorica, with the support from the National Tourist Board of Velika Gorica and Zagreb County. The festival attracted around 4,000 visitors and even a bit of rain on Sunday didn’t spoil the fantastic atmosphere that lasted to the end.

The magical forest around the old castle, full of oak trees, frogs, butterflies, magical beings, fairy footsteps and witches’ shadows once again hosted numerous artists, musicians, children’s workshops, old stories… Amongst the trees swayed the art works of primary school children who were extremely busy this year creating lots of beautiful, colourful Dragons.

Dragons of all kinds and sizes were strutting around the castle, waiting to be patted and recognised as interesting creatures which they truly are. Some of you may have been surprised discovering that Slavic mythology is so rich in these mythical flyers. Some of you even wanted to hide under the Dragon Wing. Some princesses were wandering around looking lost, waiting to be snatched by their dragon. Castle corridors echoed with screams of frightened visitors when they heard eerie witches’ laughter and encountered their dark destiny foreseen in tarot card readings.

But most of all, everyone happily enjoyed playing in another world; the world of stories, myths and legends which will surely be remembered by many, kids and adults alike.

Photos from the festival in Lukavec can be viewed in the photo gallery, and the sounds of magical, supernatural beings from the enchanting woods around the castle Lukavec where the sleepy dragon naps, can be heard again at the following link magical forest. A video footage of the festival made by Croatian Radiotelevison can be found here.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank all the artists, performers, entertainers, jugglers, storytellers and singers who entertained us this weekend and led us to paths of our own imagination. Thank you to all the visitors who came to Lukavec and helped us, at least briefly, to revive and preserve Croatian rich, intangible cultural heritage.

See you next year! And before that… we are waiting for you at Krka waterfalls with another magical LegendFest in July!

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