LegendExpo – exhibition of original works on the subject of legends, myths and stories of Croatia

In 2014 Association Val kulture (Wave of culture) launched a project named LegendExpo as a logical extension of the existing LegendFest. Its mission is to raise awareness of the importance of Croatian art and cultural heritage as well as promoting local artists.

The project’s objectives, which have cultural and educational characteristics, are:

  • Education about the myths, legends and stories of the rich Croatian intangible heritage
  • Promoting gallery exhibitions, enriching the cultural and artistic offers for the Croatian public and encouraging creation of cultural habits
  • Cultural linking of the major cities with their immediate environment and the spread of a variety of cultural events to other counties

LegendExpo is a traveling exhibition featuring original artworks on the topic of legends, myths and Croatian folktales, created by the eminent Croatian artists, cartoonists, illustrators, photographers and other visual artists. Exhibitions present various forms of visual art such as comics, photographs, paintings, sculptures, films and literary form.

The works of Manuel Šumberac, Ivan Gregov, Hana Tintor, Zdenko Bašić, Philip Burburan, Tomislav Tomić, Igor Kordej, Esad Ribić, Nenad Pantić, Milivoj Ćeran and other artists were created as a visual identity of LegendFest over the last eleven years. Each artist designed the primary illustration for promotional materials of the festival on the going theme for that particular year. All festival themes are taken from the Croatian customs, heritage, stories, legends and myths and are described in detail in many professional publications by renowned ethnologists.

In addition to the organization, structure and setting up the exhibition LegendExpo, Association Val kulture also carries out the overall marketing, graphic processing and press.

Traveling exhibitions

In general, LegendExpo precedes LegendFest in order to announce and promote the festival in a particular county, but the exhibition can also be set up in other places and other times during the year, regardless of the festival.

In recent years the exhibitions have been held at LegendFest festivals in Istria, Zagreb and Šibenik – Knin counties, as well as many other Croatian cities.

During the 2015 LegendExpo was held in Sveti Ivan Zelina, Samobor, Zagreb and finally ending up in Pićan.

In 2016 LegendExpo travelled from the City Library Franjo Marković in Križevci to the Open University of Velika Gorica, where it announced the upcoming LegendFest in the old town of Lukavec. July exhibition in Skradin, held at the administrative building of the Public Institute of Krka National Park, announced LegendFest at Roški slap (waterfall).

LegendeExpo will also be held in 2017 with all the details coming soon…

LegendExpo and illustrators

Each year LegendFest presents a different programme theme based on Croatian customs, heritage, folk tales, legends and myths which Croatian eminent artists, draftsmen and illustrators bring to life thorough their artistic work.

Manuel Šumberac, Ivan Gregov, Hana Tintor, Zdenko Bašić, Philip Burburan, Tomislav Tomić, Igor Kordej, Esad Ribić, Nenad Pantić, Milivoj Ćeran and other artists create unique visual identity of LegendFest which is promoted in our exhibitions at LegendExpo, on our website and in all other promotional materials.

The works of the internationally recognized and award-winning Croatian artists can be seen here.

Upcoming exhibitions