Fairies at the 2nd LegendFest in NP Krka

This weekend, 8th and 9th of July, 2017, once again we were awakening sleeping fairies, playing with them, singing and dancing in the fairy dance circle on the river Krka at another LegendFest in Šibenik-Knin County. The second LegendFest of Šibenik-Knin County was organized by the Association Val Kulture from Zagreb and Public Institution ‘NP Krka’ at Roški slap where all the themed workshops, performances and concerts were held.

With the rich, artistic programme presented at the festival, visitors of LegendFest were again reminded that once upon a time the fairies were quite happy to socialize with people. Some of us remember this vividly and don’t give up easily on our quest to make them visible again. Stories about the fairies plants, bell-like voices of Poljice Fairies from Cetina, vocal assemble Putokazi and singer Nina Kraljić, painting skills, braiding horse hair, flying and juggling… are all part of the game to invite fairies back. After they, not so long ago, retreated under the waterfalls, fairies left something behind; their dresses hanging on the trees indicating that they still might wear them again. The artist Nikola Faller built the straw habitat for the water fairies so they can have a place to rest should they decided to come back. He has also helped numerous visitors to build straw souvenirs to bring their memories home.

The members of the Association for promotion of inclusion from Šibenik have shown us how people with intellectual disabilities can teach others embroidering skills. Dry gourds in the woods of Fairyopolis have got their fairy faces, the legend of two tears for the passage of the river Krka has got a happy ending, and a few trees landed their branches for the flight teachers who still remember the flight of the Cloud Fairies and try to convey this knowledge to the fans of flying. The Šibenink’s fairy Karmen Herceg made brand new clothes for the creatures of the waterfalls as well as for the Forest, Water and Air Fairies (and the odd Elf)… in case they forgot where they left their old attire.

Ivo Vičić, who listened carefully and recorded the sounds of the fairies in the waterfalls and with the horses, with some alchemy (not without the help of the fairies!) has managed to transmit these sounds into our visible world so we could enjoy it as well. Alchemist Borelli has braided the hair of the Celestial, Aquatic, and Earthly Fairies in order to find the elixir of life for his sick wife and enter into the invisible world.

We thank all the artists and performers who participated in the festival programmes. Also, thank you to all who helped us realize LegendFest in the fairy-tale world of the river Krka; a testament that the fairies still love us.

Photos from the festival can be viewed in the photo gallery.
Videos from the festival can be viewed in the video gallery.
Sounds from the fairies world recorded by Ivo Vičić can be heard here.
More information about the festival programmes can be found here.


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