For 15 years Association Val kulture (Wave of culture) continues to dedicate their work to the promotion of art and culture in Croatia and the popularization and preservation of Croatian cultural heritage.

This work requires substantial investments to cover the costs of many projects that we carry out in order to raise the quality of life and integration of culture and art for all citizens.

We regularly submit our projects to the state institutions and organizations responsible for the development and promotion of culture and art, but often due to bureaucratic obstacles we do not receive the necessary financial support.

An African proverb says “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Since we live in a time when we need to go fast and far, alone effort of the individual is no longer enough. We strongly believe that the global communities are more than ever joining together in their efforts to make the world a much better place. Let’s follow their example and create a win – win partnership together.

We invite organizations, businesses and individuals to contribute to our valuable cause as sponsors / donors and in such way support the implementation of quality projects on offer.

Projects that need your support in 2017

  • Exhibitions “Ivo & Ivo” – Exhibition of art by Croatian painters Ivo Šebalj and Ivo Friščić INVITATION FOR COLLABORATION
  • LegendFest – Festival of legends myths and stories held in three Croatian counties INVITATION FOR COLLABORATION
  • LegendArt – creative work of primary school students on the subject of legends, myths and stories of their local county INVITATION FOR COLLABORATION
  • LegendExpo – exhibition of artworks by eminent illustrators on the subject of legends, myths and stories INVITATION FOR COLLABORATION

How can you support us

  • Financially – according to your abilities, interests and preferences
  • Organizationally – all possible forms of activities that your company can offer which fit the scope of our projects

What we offer in return

We can offer you various benefits and advertising in accordance with your interests and our capabilities:

  • Application of your logos, slogans and ads on billboards, leaflets, catalogues…
  • Media advertising (in print, radio announcements and on our website and social networks)
  • Mention of your company as a sponsor in press statements and articles
  • Promoting the company at the venue – galleries, festivals…
  • A number of exhibition catalogues
  • VIP treatment for your guests
  • Advertising and collaboration on related projects throughout the year and so on.

By satisfying the interests of your company / organization through our joint projects, we continue with our vision to improve the quality of life for all citizens and to encourage artistic creativity on a broader scale. We kindly thank you for your interest, support and collaboration!

Our team at Association Val kulture – we never rest 🙂