The jubilee Pićan LegendFest 2015

Pićan, a charming town in Central Istria, considered to be one of the most valuable monuments of cultural heritage and declared a monument of culture in 1962 is hosting the jubilee 10th LegendFest, festival of folk stories, myths and legends, this summer from July 31st to August 2nd.

During those three days, mythical creatures, witches, warlocks, elves, fairies, dragons and giants will rule the streets of the old town of Pićan. Every day, at numerous locations, hidden alleys, parks, along the churches and walls there will be plays, workshops and performances in which visitors can partake.

LegendFest was launched in this Istrian town 10 years ago by the ‘Val kulture’ association in cooperation with the Municipality of Pićan. In those 10 years the Festival has hosted more than 6 hundred local and international artists. Year after year, the number of visitors has grown and so the last year’s Festival was visited by more than 8 thousand of them.

The result of the festival are three books about myths and legends of Istria printed in Croatian and English and the TV Istra has launched and broadcasted a documentary about the Festival. There’s a new illustrated book being prepared called ‘The mystical world of Istria’ and there have been plans for making a documentary series called ‘Mystical Istria’.

The Festival was awarded ‘Simply the best’ award by the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies in 2013 for its creativity and inventiveness in shaping the tourist offer in the category of manifestations – staging the legends and the history of the Adriatic. In the year of 2015 it has been recognized internationally having become a part of the festival platform ‘Europe for the Festivals, Festivals for the Europe’ of the European Festivals Association and received the ‘quality mark’ (EFFE Label).

With this 10th edition we will try to justify the recognition and praise given by our numerous visitors and we will also show the best of the programme in these past 9 years. As we are celebrating our 10th birthday it will is going to be a real treat and a superb experience for all the visitors and artists. Therefore, join us for a look into the past and the present with us; let the legends inflame your imagination!

Come again to Pićan this year!


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