LegendFest NP Krka 2017

The theme of the festival: FAIRIES AND FAIRY CREATURES  ♥ Discover the magical powers of fairies and fairy-like creatures emerging from Water, Cloud and Earth and enjoy the rich programme that we have prepared for you at Roški slap. Festival programme schedule can be downloaded here.

LegendFest Pićan 2016

The theme of the festival: VAMPIRES ♥ Are you terrified of vampires but still quietly hope to chance upon one? Are you prepared to be influenced by their wicked charm? If you think this is possible only in Transylvania then you are mistaken. Come to the fairy-tale like town of Pićan. Pićan provides a timeless view of Istria and it is here you will meet the first European vampire and famous Croatian – Jure Grando.

LegendFest NP Krka 2016

The theme of the festival: FAIRIES AND FAIRY CREATURES ♥ How do fairies look like? What can make them angry? What happens when they lose a strand of hair? Who are the elves and the pixies? Why do fairies have animal legs according to the old Croatian folktales from Inner Dalmatia?