Putokazi at LegendFest NP Krka

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Putokazi at LegendFest NP Krka

8. July 2017. @ 17:30 - 21:15

Chapel performances and live concert of Putokazi at LegendFest at Roški waterfall, 8th of July 2017 

Now you have proof that you are dealing with fairies for real, although you might have already guessed this from a live concert performance of  Putokazi – a female vocal group from Rijeka.

This is not just a mere compliment.

Fairies in the Croatian world of ethno

The album «Treća Zemlja» takes us to ancient, mythical starting points of music creation which today seem so wondrous that we question their existence. This is a result of an image formed by the media technology telling us that nothing outside market trends ever existed or is. We are talking of a mythical age of fairies which stretches itself alongside space and time boundaries of every kind, thus making it more difficult to grasp.

Close to it is perhaps solely a flash formed in the mind of an anonimous, national author, the one closest to the fairy age of this temporal vertical. Absorbing the pieces of the age and transforming them to his own understanding, he creates the music of his own ethno world. In the case of Putokazi, a Croatian ethno world.

If the album «Nova Zemlja» (musically authored by Elvis Stanić) was the first place of Putokazi’s musical experimentation, the second reached our ears with the album «Zemlja» (interpretation of ethno themes, with a signature of Elvis Stanić as well).

In the album «Treća Zemlja» the two become one, a code which merges the two complementary work volumes of Putokazi, providing for the first time a wholesome outlook on the perspective of an ethno fairyland.

Everything comes into place when bonus tracks «Vilino Kolo», «Divojka» and «Ay li la»  (songs created in the approximately same time but never before have been released) are added to the «Zemlja» and «Nova Zemlja» material.

We can easily recognize this as a valuable contribution to a genre called world music.

Perhaps this is how it should be. The ones in correspondence with fairies must know what they are doing.

Although aware of the number of musical and cultural values put aside so that other widely promoted but short-termed trends be given prominence, Putokazi have nevertheless opted for a more lasting and less consumerist material.

The fairies must have given them strength, a secret power of some kind.

Have you got the courage to join them?

Author: Velid Đekić


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8. July 2017.
17:30 - 21:15
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