LegendTours – Ethno Village “Dolovi”

In the mystical region of Upper Poljica, just underneath the unwavering, majestic Mosor mountain and surrounded by lush, green waters of river Cetina, there hides a small, magical hamlet of Dolovi. It seems as if time stands still there.  We invite you to join us in a time-travel adventure in Dolovi! Explore the secrets of the ancient Principality of Poljica: its history, traditional culture, the old way of life and understanding of the world of its inhabitants.  While enjoying a

LegendIN collaborations at LegendFest

This year, we launched the LegendIN project with the aim of involving people with physical or other disabilities in creative activities through which they can express not only their artistic talents but also their own experience of the Croatian non-material heritage. Here, we present to you our first collaboration with some interesting creators at LegendFest at Roški slap and Pićan, and on the LegendArt project.

LegendArt 2017 has ended

For the third year in a row, we continue with the LegendArt project in Istrian and Šibenik-Knin counties where LegendFest is held. This year, 130 art and literary works of students from total of 14 schools have been submitted for the competition, allowing the students to creatively express their vision of the characters, stories and myths of their region. We are particularly pleased that students of Zadar and Osijek-Baranja County joined us with their artwork as well.